X Bell Maple Long- Handmade Wooden Ceiling Light

Handmade Wooden Ceiling Light ‘X Bell Maple Long’, is made of maple veneer strips.

Comes with fabric or plastic power cable, metallic rosette (bronze, black or copper) and lamp holder.

Finish: linseed oil or wax finish varnish dead flat and satin

Dimensions: Diameter  44 cm, Height 41  cm

You can buy Handmade Wooden Table lamp ‘X Bell Maple Long’ online here:

* WoodULight creates unique wooden lights: pendants and ceiling lights, table and desk lights, floor lights. All of our wooden lights are handmade, in a time where manufactured production of disposable products flourishes. In this time, where man is distanced from nature, we choose to bring wood in our homes, our working places, the places we get together. We try to bring out and “lighten” its little “imperfections”, because in the end that’s what makes it special, personal and unique, like us humans, who, with time, grow their own “imperfections” which define them as unique entities.